College projects done right

As freshers your final year projects helps you showcase, what you are made of. Do you projects the same way the top MNCs work. Get an added advantage while doing your projects and gain IT experience.

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Deep dive into IT’s latest processes and methodologies

While doing your project you will be exposed to all the IT development process like preparing Business requirement document, designing proper user experience and interface, building product architecture, Developing the applications, Managing and versioning of code via GIT.

Also build and test the developed product with test cases and deploy the same in cloud architecture.

Projects +

Not only you get to do your project at aatralz mentored
by industry experts, also you will also be trained in various
fields in IT, making you most desirable candidate
in placements

  • Project Mangement
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development
  • Testing

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Skills you’ll learn

Project Mangement

> Devops Foundations
> Agile and Scrum Methodologies
> Proper documentation Processes

UI/UX Design

> Wireframing & Prototyping
> User Interface designing


> Front-end Development
> Back-end Development
> Database Design & Development


> Writing Test Cases.
> Testing tools & Methodologies.


> Designing Server Architecture
> Cloud Setup & Deployment

0th Review

Exploring possibilities

Here we will be brainstroming ideas and analyzing feasability of the same, technology stack to proceed.

Once you freeze on what the project we start with the documentation of the project, We will train you how to prepare a BRD (Business Requirement) which is presented to clients when you pitch for a project.

We will be building a basic architecture for your project. We will be getting started in learning the technology required to finish the project.

You’ll be learning presentation skills to present your project to your peers.

1st Review

Laying all the foundation

Now will be building the complete architecture of the project.
Deep dive on the front-end side of things.

You’ll be learning how to create wireframes and build
protoypes to get an idea on how you’ll project will look and feel.

Covering the foundations of User Experience design and incorporating them in your project. You’ll be deep diving into prototyping and UI design tools like FIGMA or Adobe XD.

You will also get started in front-end developement and get trained in the same.

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The Aatralz Advantage

Get Trained by Industry Experts.

Better understanding of your projects and the process behind it.

IT Internship experience at all sides of your project.

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