Defend yourself in this Digital era

We are living in a digital world, it’s evident that all businesses are transforming digitally from personal to commercial organizations. Moreover, the protection of these networks is crucial, that is why cybersecurity is heightened and emphasized to a maximum level. Cybersecurity doesn’t involve just businesses and the government even your computer, tablet and cellphone probably […]

Why should you study Networking Technology

  Today, technology has taken the upper hand in changing the way we live and work across the world. It is utmost necessary to be well equipped in building networks, developing apps, securing devices and analyzing data. Apart from the entrepreneurial spirit, these digital skills can help you stand out in the job market, forget […]

Why complacency is not acceptable?

  There were two new recruits in an MNC one was Sharmaji ka Beta(SKB) and the other was Bob. Both of them completed training together and got into the same project. Bob liked the work atmosphere and all the other benefits that came along with the job and so did SKB, two years down the […]

Graduating from a university is no longer enough to get a job

Earn a graduate degree and get a job. This formula has worked with relative success for over 50 years. But increasingly in many fields today the formula is no longer working.