Amazon Web Services

  • This training is meticulously curated for candidates with zero to intermediate level experience with Amazon Web Serivces.
  • Useful for IT professionals who are looking to change their domain and explore opportunities in the cloud domain.
  • Training is conducted by industrial leaders who have very good experience in the industry.

What can you expect?

Complete hands-on workshops & individual mentoring.

A certificate with a unique number

30 % Theory, 60 % training, 10% implementation.

Get trained by industry experts.

Training materials & manual for you to follow along.

Work on real examples and case study scenarios.

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Course Outline

The AWS certification training is designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) architectural principles and services such as IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS and more. The course is aligned with the latest exam announced by AWS, and you will learn how to design and scale AWS Cloud implementations with best practices recommended by Amazon. AWS certified solutions architects command average salaries of $129,000 per year, so get started in this exciting field today.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Lesson 1:   Introduction to cloud computing
Lesson 2:  Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing
Lesson 3:  Service Models in Cloud computing
Lesson 4:  Deployment models in Cloud Computing
Lesson 5:  Introduction to AWS
Lesson 6:  AWS Account creation &free tier limitations overview

Identity & Access Management

Lesson 1:  Introduction to cloud computing
lesson 2:  Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing
Lesson 3:  Service Models in Cloud computing
lesson 4:  Deployment models in Cloud Computing
Lesson 5:  Introduction to AWS
Lesson 6:  AWS Account creation &free tier limitations overview


Lesson 01: What is Simple Storage Service (S3)
Lesson 02: Storage Classes
Lesson 03: Versioning
Lesson 04: Cross-region replication
Lesson 05: Life Cycle Management
Lesson 06: Security & Encryption
Lesson 07: Static Webhosting with S3 bucket
Lesson 08: Events configuration on S3 buckets
Lesson 09: Enabling cross-account access for S3
Lesson 10: S3 Data management and backup using 3rd Party applications.
Lesson 11: Configuring Continuous Virus scans for S3 buckets
Lesson 12: Storage Gateway


Lesson 01: EC2 Instance Launch Wizard and Instance Types
Lesson 02: Generating custom Public Key and Private keys for EC2instances
Lesson 03: Security groups
Lesson 04: Volumes and Snapshots
Lesson 05: Creating customized Amazon Machine Images
Lesson 06: RAID Overview and Raid Configurations
Lesson 07: User Data and Metadata
Lesson 08: Elastic Load Balancers & Health Checks
Lesson 09: Auto Scaling Groups
Lesson 10: Cloud Watch
Lesson 11: AWS CLI and EC2 Roles
Lesson 12: Elastic File System
Lesson 13: AWS Lightsail
Lesson 14: Elastic Beanstalk
Lesson 15: Placement Groups

Linux Introduction

Lesson 01: Basics of Linux for AWS
Lesson 02: Linux Installation and Basic commands overview

Route 53

Lesson 01: DNS Records overview
Lesson 02: Routing Policies
Lesson 03: Hosting sample Website and configuring Policies.


Lesson 01: Launching an RDS Instances (MySQL, MsSQL&Aurora)
Lesson 02: Multi-AZ & Read Replicas for RDS instances
Lesson 03: DynamoDB
Lesson 04: Redshift
Lesson 05: Elastichache
Lesson 06: Database Migration Service and Schema conversion tool

Virtual Private Cloud

Lesson 01: Networking Basics
Lesson 02: Creating custom VPCs and custom Subnets
Lesson 03: Network ACL’s
Lesson 04: Route Tables and IGW
Lesson 05: Flow log creation

Security options

Lesson 01: Cloud Trail
Lesson 02: AWS Config, Certificate Manager, KMS and AWS Inspector
Lesson 03: Trusted Advisor
Lesson 04: Content Delivery Networks

Application Services

Lesson 01: Simple Email Service, Queue Service, Workflow Service and NotificationService
Lesson 02: Elastic Transcoder
Lesson 03: Cloud Formation

Developer Tools

Lesson 01: Code Pipeline, Code Commit, Code Build and CodeDeploy
Lesson 02: Lambda


> Amazon White Papers Review
> Scenario-based Questions Discussion
> Resume Key Points and AWS Certifications Overview


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“I have done AWS training at Aatralz. It was really easy to follow, great coverage of topics. The trainer had a great delivery style. The course materials are easy to follow and refer back to.”

- Wipro - Janakiraman

Very accommodating and professional company

“I have planned and booked training courses with Aatralz for nearly a year now and found them to be a very accommodating and professional company. The cloud courses that we had commissioned Aatralz to tailor our specific needs which worked well for our staff within the firm. I would not hesitate to recommend Aatralz to any other organization.”

Tata Consultancy Services - Bhavin Shah

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“Wow! Just finished training on uses of Cloud with Ramaswamy of Aatralz. I’ve been blown away by the amazing things Ramaswamy has taught me to do. You must book a session with him now.”  

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"Would like to appreciate the arrangement, coordination, and support given by Aatralz for the AWS Training. The Trainer is exceptionally good and a Subject Matter Expert. I am happy to recommend Aatralz to others"  

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Frequently asked questions.

Can I avail Discounts?
Who doesn’t love discounts? We love them too. Whenever there is a group registration or 5 or more candidates a minimum discount of 10% can be availed of each individual's training fee.
How can I register for this training?
Register for the course under the registrations section and pre-book your seat or provide your details under the queries section our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.
What are the course objectives?
This AWS certification course is aligned to the latest exam released by AWS. It will help you learn the key concepts, latest trends, and best practices for working with the AWS platform and become industry-ready. Mock tests are designed to give you hands-on experience on AWS.
What is included in this training?
Training materials, Materials on the web portal if applicable, Refreshments and goodies.
What will be my takeaways from the session?
At the end of the training, you’ll have in-depth knowledge of the AWS platform. Creation and deployment of services on the AWS platform. You’ll be in a position to take up a Certification exam.
Why is the AWS certification so desirable?
AWS certification will verify your technical understanding and skills in the AWS domain and is highly desired by recruiters. The AWS market is expected to reach $236B by 2020 at a CAGR of 22 percent. There are more than 380,000 cloud computing jobs available around the world, and the need for certified cloud computing professionals is increasing every year.

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